Why Should You Choose Philips Dynalite as Your Lighting Control System?

20 February 2023

Electroscope uses Philips Dynalite Lighting Control System for all lighting installation projects. Best for residential, commercial, and outdoor applications.

While lights can already provide many functions to various buildings and structures effectively, regulating their actions can be difficult. After all, the lack of a centralised control system may force building staff to turn them on and off manually. It is not only time-consuming, but it can also waste tons of energy.

But through innovations in technology, companies in the lighting industry have come up with solutions that can mainstream the behaviours and functions of multiple lights. One company that has come up with a control system is Dynalite.

The Formation of Philips Dynalite

Dynalite is a lighting and automation control system developed in Australia by a company of the same name. Aside from the said control system, the company also offers powerful integration tools that can make buildings in Australia and other parts of the planet. All these technological advancements and progress by the company have enticed Philips to buy it, renaming it Philips Dynalite.

Lighting Control System Benefits

A lightning control system is a centralised system that can regulate area or building lights. It can be connected to indoor and outdoor lighting so they can be programmed to turn on and off at specific times or in specific conditions.

The effectiveness of a lighting control system relies on the functionality of components like sensors, timers, and lighting management systems.

Once a lighting control system is added to your property, it can easily minimise energy consumption since it can turn off lights that are not needed at specific times. It can also dim lights when possible. Of course, energy can likewise be saved significantly if LED lamps and fixtures are used. Security and safety are also improved with this system as some lights can be configured to turn on and off based on activity in a room or area. Alarms may be even integrated with this system to deter intruders and others.

Productivity is, ultimately, enhanced with a lighting control system as it allows task lighting to be switched on whenever necessary. This type of lighting can reduce eye strain and fatigue and improve concentration and focus.

Take Advantage of Philips Dynalite

Philips Dynalite is a lighting control system that maximises multifunction sensors. These sensors can carry out presence and light-level detection simultaneously. And so, if a sensor detects a room is being occupied, it will instruct the system to turn on the lights. At the same time, it can recall the preset scene utilised for the specific room.

The system by Philips Dynalite boasts features that other lighting control systems do not maximise. First, it can create an ambience and recall different lighting scenes to effectively control the mood of a room or space. It then allows you to configure, control, and monitor your lights and system components from any point on the network. As it maximises a DyNet system, installing this system is said to be easier.

Now, if the layouts or control methods of this system need to be modified, the Envision software can help you change and reprogram them without any hassle. This system can then be integrated into other devices and network gateways, allowing you to control not only lights, but also blinds, audio-visual, temperature control, and building management systems.

All features of the Philips Dynalite lighting control system can be effective in many residential, commercial, and outdoor applications. It can be useful for offices, retail stores, hotels, stadiums, casinos, and many more.

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