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Welcome to Electroscope

Electroscope is an Industry-Leading Electrical Services Company for Commercial, Industrial, and Retail Sectors throughout Melbourne and Victoria. We pride ourselves on our ability to convert our most valuable assets to accommodate the best services for you.

We are equipped with a team of expert and experienced professionals to meet your demands and standards. Through our sound leadership, mentoring, training, career development and support, we strive to be an employer of choice so we could deliver the best for our clients.

Electroscope has over 40 years of experience in the industry. Our reputation of having a tight-knit, skilled, committed, and family-based team precedes us. We have a loyal base of satisfied and long-standing customers all over Melbourne and Victoria – from large industrial and commercial organisations to homeowners and builders.

We value our professional relationship with our clients. That is why from new installations and maintenance, through service and repairs, we are keen to make sure that every aspect of the job is done right.

Electroscope Offers Versatile and Flexible Electrician Services

With our experience, versatility, and flexibility, we ensure that we get the job done right. We cover a wide range of electrical services, be it for commercial, industrial and retail sectors. Our team of expert electricians and experienced professionals can cater to your exact requirements for every electrical contractor needs.

Electroscope is Equipped with Reliable Electricians

Our tight-knit, highly-skilled, committed, family-based team are skilled and experienced to deliver quality electrical work. We recognise our employees as Electroscope’s most valuable assets and strive to be an employer-of-choice, by providing sound leadership, mentoring, training, career development and support to our team of professionals.

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Electroscope Guarantees Satisfied Customers

We pride ourselves on delivering complete, value-for-money, high-quality, and professional services. With our skilled staff, coupled with the right tools and the best parts and equipment available, we can guarantee to meet your electrical needs the best way possible.

Feel free to Contact Us for all your enquiries regarding electrical installation, service and maintenance needs. We offer electrical services for commercial, industrial and retail sectors. You may also call us at 1300 60 80 90.

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Electroscope uses Philips Dynalite
Lighting Control System