Retail Store Lighting Installation: Lighting Setup Selection and Design

09 January 2023

Many elements can affect the effectiveness of retail stores. One of these elements is product placement. Customers love to shop in a retail store with items arranged properly. They would likewise buy more products once they are placed strategically. And to further make product placement effective, these places should be filled with the correct lighting.

Lighting is a crucial aspect in retail stores since it helps illuminate the most important parts of these establishments. It can also enhance the appeal of the stores as well as maintain the safety of both employees and customers.

Common Types of Retail Store Lighting

Before installing some lights inside your retail store, you must first know their common types. Four lighting types that can be installed in your store are accent, decorative, ambient, and task.

1. Accent: Accent lighting highlights the products you want to sell to your customers. It can also feature essential areas of your store, ensuring that customers will be drawn to them upon entering the establishment. Accent lights are often added to illuminate new products or bestsellers. These lights may come in track lighting, wall sconces, and picture lights.

2. Decorative: Decorative lighting provides embellishment to your space. It can somehow improve the overall ambience of your storefront. Some examples of decorative lights are ornamental lamps, a string of lights, and many more.

3. Ambient: Ambient lighting can set the mood of the whole store as it generates the overall ambience and mood of your space. It should reach every corner of your space. It must also appear uniformly and evenly on your establishment, making sure that your store will be lit properly. Ambient lights may come in warm or cool bulbs placed on chandeliers or lamps.

4. Task: Task lighting, as its name implies, involves lights intended for a specific task or purpose. This type of lighting is usually found on the register, storage areas, refrigeration rooms, preparation areas, and many more.

Maximising the Right Lighting Elements

Many lighting elements should be selected when installing them inside your retail store.

One of these elements is brightness. Retail stores that are too bright or dull may only deter customers from entering and buying some products. Ideally, your retail store should utilise moderately bright lighting to effectively illuminate your items, your register, and other vital areas of the establishment. You must also provide bright lighting in areas where customers and employees walk to ensure safety.

Another element is the bulb type. Many bulb types are available today. However, to ensure that your retail store can be illuminated properly without drawing too much power, you must opt for LED lights. LED lights can operate for up to 6 years, which is already lengthy compared to other bulb types. They also consume less wattage than others. LED lights can likewise come in a full spectrum of colour temperatures and brightness, making them perfect for varying lighting types.

As for the setup, you must ensure that your accent lighting will highlight your merchandise. You can then utilise decorative lighting to make your place beautiful in the eyes of your customers. Any gaps in your space must then be filled with ambient lighting. Task lighting, ultimately, should be placed on your register and areas where your employees work.

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