Retail Electrical Services: Make Your Business Safe by Installing Emergency Lights

20 June 2023

Businesses in the retail industry should always make sure their spaces will entice customers to enter and shop for their needed items and products. One way to achieve this is to arrange shelves accordingly to effectively display their offerings. Another way is to maximise monitors or screens to promote and market their brand as well as their products.

But aside from effective advertisements and store arrangements, retail businesses can also attract customers to enter their shops if they will prioritise safety. Safety is crucial to these businesses as they tend to get crowded on some days. Without prioritising safety, both customers and employees might get trapped inside these places during an emergency, which can lead to potential injuries or even deaths.

One safety feature that retail businesses can take advantage of is emergency lighting. In case of a power outage, emergency lighting can provide essential illumination to evacuate the premises safely. It can also be useful during fires, natural disasters, or any other situation that could cause panic or confusion among people inside these commercial spaces.

The Benefits of Installing Emergency Lights

If you are thinking of adding and installing emergency lights in your business, here are some reasons why you should push it through.

• Enhanced safety: In case of a fire or other emergency, emergency lights can illuminate your place to help people navigate through dark or smoke-filled areas, minimising the risk of injuries or fatalities. Emergency lights can also help identify potential hazards and allow emergency responders to locate and assist people in need.

• Guaranteed compliance: Emergency lighting is mandatory in most commercial and public buildings, including offices, schools, hospitals, and retail spaces. Compliance with safety regulations is not only essential for the safety of your employees and customers but also to avoid legal liability in case of an emergency. Your emergency lights must meet specific design and performance standards to comply with building codes and regulations.

• Improved protection: In some businesses, critical equipment may need to remain operational during a power outage or emergency. Emergency lights can provide backup power to your critical equipment like servers, data centres, and communication systems, ensuring that your business operations can continue uninterrupted and minimising potential financial losses due to downtime.

Common Places to Install Emergency Lights 

The emergency lights in your retail space should be installed in strategic locations for them to be effective. Some places where emergency lights should be installed are as follows.

• Exit routes: Emergency lights should be installed along the path to the exit routes to guide occupants to safety in case of an emergency. They should be marked with illuminated signs to indicate the direction and location of the exits.

• Stairwells and elevators: Stairwells and elevators are crucial areas that require adequate illumination to guide occupants to safety. Emergency lights must be installed in these areas to make sure they are well-lit during a power outage.

• Corridors and hallways: Emergency lights should be installed in corridors and hallways to provide a clear path to the exits. These areas, after all, can become dark during a power outage, which makes it difficult for occupants to find their way to safety.

• Loading docks: Emergency lights should also be installed in loading docks to provide adequate illumination for workers to safely load and unload trucks during a power outage.

• Maintenance areas: Maintenance areas must also be equipped with emergency lights to ensure that workers can safely perform maintenance tasks during an emergency.

If you are interested in installing emergency lights in your business, you should contact a professional lighting contractor to discuss your options and ensure that your business will be adequately protected during a power outage or emergency.

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