Top 5 Electrical Safety Mistakes Professional Electricians Do Not Commit

26 July 2022

Electricians are experts who have acquired ample training and knowledge in conducting electrical system services. Some services they typically conduct are assessment, inspection, installation, and repairs of electrical systems and their components.

Aside from training and knowledge, electricians are also expected to attain years of exposure and experience in conducting electrical services. Specialised skills such as problem-solving, time management, and teamwork are likewise necessary to ensure that they conduct these services without any problems. Ultimately, electricians should possess the right tools, devices, and electrical items so they can carry out their duties and responsibilities efficiently and safely.

Now, if you require electrical services, you must only hire electricians who are truly skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced. Electricians who embody the said qualities will certainly not commit the following electrical safety mistakes.

  1. Not Wearing Personal Protection Equipment

One electrical safety mistake that professionals do not commit is not wearing personal protection equipment (PPE) during their work. PPE is intended to protect their bodies from electrocution and other electrical-related injuries. While they can be uncomfortable and constraining to wear, the presence of a helmet or hard hat, goggles, gloves, safety footwear, and long sleeves protective clothing can ensure that they will always be safe during troubleshooting

  1. Maximising Outdated Test Equipment

Another mistake that reliable electricians do not commit is the use of outdated test equipment. Various test equipment pieces are designed to provide accurate readings of specific electrical-related parameters. Without obtaining accurate data and information, electricians might be exposed to electrical dangers. The electrical systems might likewise fail since they cannot be serviced due to wrong test data. Any outdated test equipment should be replaced immediately to avoid these issues.

  1. Working on a Live and Energised Circuit

Whenever possible, circuits that will be serviced should be de-energised. Doing this keeps electricians safe from any dangers caused by live wirings. However, if electricians do not have a choice but to work on a live circuit, they should always utilise insulated tools. They must also wear safety glasses, insulated gloves, and flame-resistant clothing. Any watches, jewellery, and other unnecessary accessories on their bodies must likewise be removed to avoid getting injured.

  1. Skipping Regular System Maintenance

Electricians know how important regular maintenance is. So, if your electrician fails to maintain your electrical system, you may have to replace them immediately. Reputable electricians will always allocate their time to performing the required maintenance of your electrical system. From the most visible components down to the minute ones, they would ensure that they can all work and function optimally. Regular maintenance can, after all, minimise downtimes and maximise production.

  1. Replacing a Fuse with a Cheaper One

A fuse is designed to break the circuit once a fault is present. A fault often happens whenever there is too much current flow in a circuit. With an expert electrician, they would not replace the fuse with a cheaper one since doing it only puts the property in danger. They would likewise not attempt to fix your fuse by adding a bit of wire or metal. If your electrician attempts to replace your fuse with a cheaper option, you must stop them from continuing their service.

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