How to Improve the Lighting System of Your Car Park with Philips Dynalite Lighting Systems

07 March 2023

Driving a car can be a convenient way to get from one point to another. But one thing that can be a concern for most drivers is their parking space. Most buildings today already utilise large car parks. However, not all of them are maintained optimally.

One common issue with car parks that tend to deter people from using them is the lack of lights. Lights are essential elements in car parks since they can ensure the safety and security of people around these spaces. The lack of lights can easily lead to burglaries, vehicle break-ins, vehicular accidents, and injuries. It can also ruin the effectiveness of security cameras, especially if they are not equipped with night vision. Many people may likewise think that a building has been abandoned if its car park is not illuminated properly.

The lack of lights can surely affect the way people think not only about their safety and security but also about the value of a building. If you currently own or manage a building, here are some things you can do to improve the lighting system of your car park.

Check the Lights and Poles

You may have already equipped your car park with lights and poles. But to ensure they are still working, they should be checked and maintained regularly. Dust, dirt, debris, and nearby trees can affect the effectiveness of your lights. If they start to block the lights, some portions of your car park may not be illuminated properly. The poles must then be inspected if they are still working. If not, they should be enumerated so they can be fixed or replaced by professionals.

Replace Old Light Bulbs

Another thing that should be done to improve the illumination of your car park is to replace old light bulbs. Your car park may be bombarded with light bulbs. However, if many of them are not working anymore, you may have to replace them. It would even be better if you upgrade them as most modern light bulbs are more energy-efficient and more cost-effective than the older types of lighting. LED lights, for instance, can replace your old light bulbs as they are brighter, more versatile, and have a longer lifespan.

Upgrade Outdated Fixtures

Lamps and fixtures tend to become outdated quickly after a few years. And if your car park still maximises these elements, you may have to upgrade them as soon as possible. Failure to upgrade them right away may only cost you more since they tend to become inefficient in the long run. Their repair and maintenance costs may likewise increase significantly in a short time. Newer lamps and fixtures, fortunately, do not require regular upkeep, which can make your overall expenses significantly lower.

Invest in Philips Dynalite

A smart lighting control system can also be maximised if you want your car park to be effective and efficient. Fortunately, you can invest in Philips Dynalite as it can regulate the general usage of lights in your car park. It works by providing preset lighting control, allowing you to generate ambience and recall various lighting scenes to fit your place. It also lets you monitor and configure all your lights and system components from any point on the network. The Philips Dynalite system is likewise easy to install, flexible, and can save you a lot of energy and money.

If you need help with the installation of lights and Philips Dynalite in your car park, you can contact us at Electroscope.

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