The Essence of Car Park Lighting and How to Make It Effective

17 November 2022

The number of people bringing and driving their cars to commercial buildings continues to increase. But one thing they often consider before bringing their vehicles is the availability of a car park. While some can conveniently park their cars on the streets, others prefer to only park in areas deemed safe and secure.

As a property owner, it is your responsibility to provide a safe parking space for your employees and customers or clients. Now, if your property is already equipped with a car park, the next thing that you should do is to fill it with appropriate lighting.

The Advantages of Lighting Your Car Park

Car park lighting provides tons of advantages not only to car owners but also to pedestrians. Some advantages of car park lighting are as follows.

• Maintain Property Security: One of the advantages of car park lighting is it can maintain the security of your property. No matter what your business is, you must ensure that your car park will be illuminated to prevent burglars, thieves, and other unwanted people from hiding in corners and staying out of sight. Since your car park boasts appropriate lighting, you can expect your property to operate continuously and peacefully.

• Protect Pedestrians: Keeping your car park well-lit, especially at night, can protect pedestrians and passers-by from criminals and thieves. With proper lighting, these offenders will not be able to use your parking area as a hiding or lurking spot. Aside from deterring criminals, car park lighting can also keep pedestrians safe from suddenly falling or tripping due to unwanted slippery objects on their pathways.

• Improve Curb Appeal: One more advantage of car park lighting is it can improve your curb appeal. By installing the lights in the right places, your car park can instantly enhance the overall look of your building, which is great for enticing customers and retaining your clients and employees. It can also make your property look valuable to passers-by.

Making Your Car Park Lighting Effective

There are many ways how to make your car park lighting effective.

• Pick the Right Lighting Level: One way to make your car park lighting effective is to pick the right lighting level. Some of you may have spacious car parks to accommodate heavy traffic. Others, alternatively, only require a limited parking space for employees and clients. To guarantee an effective car park, its brightness must be directly proportional to its area. Hence, a larger car park area should also have brighter lights and vice versa.

• Maximise White Light: Different light temperatures may be obtained in the market today. But to keep your car park appealing, safe, and useful, you should invest in white light. Adding white light can ensure that everything in your car park can be seen clearly. White lighting can also brighten up the features of your property. It can even help video surveillance cameras pick up high-quality details of the area.

• Prioritise Key Locations: The lights on your car park will only be effective if they are installed in the right places. Entrances and exits of your car park should be concentrated with lighting to ensure that vehicle owners can be seen immediately. Lighting must also be placed in parking metres or signage to help people locate them right away.

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