Allow Electroscope to Maintain Your Variable Speed Drives Regularly

07 February 2023

Many machines and tools today utilise electric motors as their source of power. These motors work by converting electrical energy into mechanical energy. The mechanical energy obtained by these things helps carry out their primary functions.

While some machines and tools do not consume too much energy, others require a lot of power before they can work optimally. As they depend on tons of energy, these things are then forced to generate high operational costs, which can be troublesome for businesses that want to save some resources to keep their operations going.

One solution to this issue is to take advantage of variable speed drive.

The Purpose of Variable Speed Drives

A variable speed drive, also known as a variable frequency drive or an inverter, is a motor controller that can regulate the operations of an electric motor. It varies the frequency and voltage given to the motor, which can affect the latter’s energy use and operating cost.

This motor control allows one-way current through diodes to effectively regulate the frequency and voltage of power that reaches the electric motor of a device. Once this function has been carried out, a device is expected to work optimally without consuming too much power. Electrical power cost is even minimised with the addition of this motor controller.

Variable Speed Drive Regular Upkeep

But to ensure that a variable speed drive can work effectively, it should be maintained regularly. It must also meet similar maintenance requirements as other electronic devices, tools, and machines to minimise disruption and exposure to damaging elements.

There are specific upkeep and maintenance activities that must be conducted to keep a variable speed drive working. Some activities can already be done by the users of machines. Others, however, may require professionals to avoid any mishaps. Here are a few maintenance activities that must be done to effectively optimise variable speed drives.

• Ensure Cleanliness: Variable speed drives should be kept clean for them to work optimally. Some of these motor controllers have side vents to promote better airflow and provide protection against solid foreign objects. However, they may still allow dust to get inside their system unit. Hence, they should be cleaned to keep their heat sinks and circulating fans working. Other variable speed drives, alternatively, are already closed, which means they are already protected against debris and dust.

• Prevent Moisture Entry: Variable speed drives should also be kept dry at all times. You see, moisture can cause corrosion. Therefore, the surroundings of these motor controllers should always boast a low level of ambient humidity. Moisture can likewise damage the internal components of variable speed drives. And so, these motor controllers should be placed in an area free from water and other sources of moisture.

• Keep Connections Tight: Variable speed drives, ultimately, must maintain tight connections to keep them working and operational. These things are not moved very often. But their connections may loosen over time as they are often exposed to mechanical vibration and incidental movement. Heat cycles may likewise loosen their connections. To keep them working, their components must be checked and inspected regularly. They must also ensure that the connections will not be overtightened to avoid issues.

Obtain Maintenance from Electroscope

If you want your variable speed drives to be maintained optimally and regularly, you must hire and contact us at Electroscope. We are equipped with a team of expert and experienced professionals to meet your demands and standards. We offer electrical services for commercial, industrial, and retail sectors.

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