Industrial Electrician Services: Achieve Optimal Energy Savings in Industrial Plants by Installing Variable Speed Drives

23 August 2022

Business owners often rely on industrial plants to carry out a specific number of tasks for their operations. Some may opt for these plants to acquire raw materials and process them afterwards. Others utilise these buildings in storing and distributing processed products.

The purposes of industrial plants may vary from one business to another. Most of these buildings, however, maximise similar equipment and tools to carry out their primary operations. Some of them include power saws, drills, metalworking machines, industrial heaters, furnaces, vacuum cleaners, forklifts, presses, boilers, and industrial ovens.

All these things require electricity to run continuously. But without any mitigating device, the energy usage of these things can be costly, forcing business owners to pay high energy bills. Fortunately, variable speed drives can now be installed by industrial plant owners like you.

The Working Principles of Variable Speed Drives

A variable speed drive or VSD is a motor drive that can be installed between the electrical supply and the motor. It helps your industrial plant save energy by controlling the energy flow from mains to the process proper. Upon receiving power from the electrical supply, this motor drive regulates the said power before feeding it to the motor.

Internally, the power received from the electrical supply is passed into a rectifier, which converts the incoming alternating current (AC) power to direct current (DC) power. The DC power is then transferred into capacitors, smoothing out the electrical waveform needed to generate clean power. The said power from the capacitors is subsequently passed into the inverter, which is meant to change it into the needed output AC power. This power is finally fed into the motor.

During the last process, the variable speed drive adjusts the frequency and the voltage of the power being fed into the motor. These elements are adjusted based on the process demands of your motor. The drive continues to calculate and adjust the power until the operation is over.

Energy-Saving Benefits of Variable Speed Drives

Once your industrial plant is equipped with variable speed drives, you can gain tons of energy-savings benefits for your business.

First, variable speed drives can easily optimise the system performance of your tools, equipment, and others. Since these drives can already process the power being distributed into the motors of these things, you can expect them to work accordingly without worrying about power overloading and other common issues with power distribution.

Another great thing about variable speed drives is they can retain the process output of your machines and equipment without costing too much energy. Even with less energy usage, your industrial plant can still carry out processes that meet or even exceed your expected output.

Variable speed drives can likewise minimise maximum power demand, reduce stress on system components, provide accurate control of flow, pressure, and temperature, minimise heat and noise levels and improve industrial plant safety. Of course, investing in variable speed drives can cut your electricity bills, acquire savings in capital expenditure, and reduce upkeep costs.

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