Why Should You opt for a Switchboard Upgrade?

15 December 2021

Buildings and structures can only be operational if they possess a highly-efficient electric system. An electric system is comprised of elements that are essential in distributing electrical power to various parts of a property. This system helps in powering up equipment pieces, tools, and devices.

One essential component of an electric system is the switchboard. A switchboard is a vital component designed to divide the electrical power feed into smaller branch circuits, with each of them maximising a protective circuit breaker or fuse for safety purposes. Through a switchboard, any electric-related incidents will be minimised or even deterred completely.

Most switchboards these days can easily carry out their core functions. However, there are still some switchboards that require an immediate upgrade.

Top Signs of a Faulty Switchboard

If your switchboard somehow manifests the following signs, then you have to opt for an urgent upgrade from a professional contractor.

  • Aged Components – One sign that tells you to opt for a switchboard upgrade is the presence of aged components. Replacing your switchboard is a must if its attached wiring has already been discoloured. Without upgrading it right away, some of your equipment pieces may overload and trip.
  • Constant Tripping – And speaking of tripping, your switchboard must be upgraded immediately if your equipment pieces, tools, or devices are constantly tripping. This situation will most likely happen whenever your switchboard overloads. Upgrading it can be a great way to minimise any expenses needed for more repairs.
  • Flickering Lights – Lights are designed to be lit steadily whenever they are powered on to illuminate a place. However, if they start to flicker gradually, then you may want to check the switchboard. Some of the switchboard components may have to be fixed to stop the lights from flickering. But if the issue remains after the repair, then upgrading the switchboard entirely would be the next great solution.
  • Random Noises – Another sign of a faulty switchboard is the occurrence of random noises. Sizzling or buzzing noises are some examples of noises that your switchboard must not produce as they signify huge problems with its components.
  • Sparks and Shock – Two more signs that confirm the presence of a faulty switchboard are random sparks and dangerous shocks. A switchboard upgrade is necessary if you constantly see sparks whenever appliances or devices are plugged in.Having some shocks after plugging them in also tells you to replace your switchboard right away to avoid causing more injuries.

Benefits of Switchboard Upgrade

By upgrading your switchboard, you can easily gain a lot of benefits.

First, all the old and faulty components of your switchboard and even other parts of your electric system will be replaced during the upgrade. Since they are all brand new, the risks of having system damages and generating accidents are reduced significantly. Even the risk of fires is minimised once your switchboard has been replaced and upgraded.

Having a new switchboard can also save you a lot of money. Repairs for the old and faulty components can be costly. Without replacing them entirely, your expenses would only accumulate, which can be very wasteful in the long run. A switchboard upgrade, alternatively, saves you a lot of money and even time.

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