What is Electrical Motor Rewinding and Why It is Necessary?

25 January 2022

Most appliances and machines nowadays maximise electric motors due to their associated features.

For one, electric motors are highly efficient, allowing appliances and machines to operate under various harsh conditions. Electric motors likewise do not need fuel and other similar elements. And compared to other motors, electric motors only maximise a few components, which allows them to last longer. Ultimately, they can be paired with automated controls, making them safer and more flexible.

But even with these features, electric motors are still expected to deteriorate due to a long time of usage. Fortunately, their service life can still be extended through motor rewinding.

An Overview of Electrical Motor Rewinding

Electrical motor rewinding, or simply motor rewinding, is a process that aims to restore most of the efficiency of an electric motor. With this process, an electric motor may still work and operate for a few more years instead of just discarding it right away.

The process of motor rewinding may not be the most efficient method of preserving an electric motor. However, it can easily provide users of electric motors an opportunity to maximise their appliances and machines even in just a few more years.

But before electrical motor rewinding can be done, users of electric motors should make sure that the motors’ magnetic core is still intact. Alternatively, motors that have been rewound before, have been working for more than a decade, or have acquired notable damages to their parts should not undergo this process anymore. Instead, they must be either repaired or replaced entirely.

The Essence of Electrical Motor Rewinding

Given the circumstancesinvolved with electrical motor rewinding, users are encouraged to only utilisethis process with small electric motors. Rewinding powerful electric motors, onthe other hand, may only yield more damages and performance issues.If ever electrical motor rewinding applies to a motor, then one can expect to gain a lot of benefits.

One of the benefits of electrical motor rewinding is that it can improve the efficiency of the motor. Motor rewinding, as previously stated, can somehow provide a great way of prolonging the service life of a motor. When done successfully, an electric motor is expected to operate properly, generating enough power within proper tolerances. Aside from improved efficiency, the process of rewinding can also yield low operating costs. Since they do not have to purchase new electric motors, users who opt for this process can certainly save them a lot of money and even time and energy.

One more benefit of electrical motor rewinding is that it can help the environment. The process of motor rewinding is known to be eco-friendly as it generally recycles the old parts of the electric motor instead of throwing them in landfills. This benefit can then help in reducing pollution and toxic emissions.

Electrical Motor Rewinding at Electroscope

If you need rewinding services for your electric motor, feel free to call us at Electroscope. We are an industry-leading electrical services company for commercial, industrial, and retail sectors throughout Melbourne and Victoria. We pride ourselves on our ability to convert our most valuable assets to accommodate the best services for you.

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