The Best Recommended Places to Install CCTV Cameras in Your Commercial Building

25 March 2022

Commercial buildings provide spaces for businesses to conduct their daily operations. Some of these spaces may be meant for offices, while others are designed for retail stores, food establishments, and other types of shops.

But to ensure that these businesses can truly thrive, their places must remain safe and secure all the time. Burglars and others who have bad intentions may infiltrate the stores to steal their earnings. Alternatively, some customers or even employees might cause some troubles, affecting the overall performance of the businesses. All these things may happen to businesses at any given time. So, to effectively record everything, commercial buildings should be equipped with security cameras.

Benefits of Adding Security Cameras

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) utilises security cameras to obtain footage and recordings of everything that has happened and are happening in real-time. CCTV cameras are useful for properties as they can provide surveillance to areas that may not be checked easily by security personnel. They can likewise help capture footage in dark or poorly lit places.

For years, CCTV cameras have improved in terms of the quality of recordings and footage. As technology advances, the recordings out of these cameras have become significantly clearer compared to before. Even other components linked to the cameras and the CCTV have improved, enabling operators to automate their actions and movements.

The addition of security cameras in your commercial building can be great for your business since they can prevent theft, internal crimes, and violence. They can likewise improve employee performance, settle employee or customer disputes, and enhance the safety and security of the building.

Best Places to Install CCTV Cameras

CCTV cameras can provide all the previously stated benefits to your property. However, if they are installed in the wrong places, then they won’t be effective.

Two elements, however, must be considered when installing CCTV cameras. One of these elements is height. The CCTV cameras inside and outside your building should be installed at an optimal height so they can cover key areas of your businesses. Mounting them too low allows burglars to remove them. Mounting them too high, alternatively, may introduce some difficulties in pinpointing faces. CCTV cameras are recommended to be installed at a height of between 2.5m to 5m.

Another element to consider is their angle. CCTV cameras must be installed at a high vantage point and should be positioned at a downward angle. The lens of the cameras should be able to focus on certain objects such as the door, computers, and other notable things for proper surveillance. The angle of the cameras must likewise cover a wide field of view.

As for their locations, you must ensure that your CCTV cameras are situated on the entrances and exits, workplaces, reception or waiting areas, storage areas, loading docks, and secluded areas. Placing the cameras on these places at the correct height and angle can provide a seamless view of all the activities conducted by visitors, customers, and employees while they are inside your building.

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