Surge Protection Installation: How It Shields Your Technology Investments

01 December 2023

Surge Protection Installation

Safeguard your valuable technology investments in your business through surge protection installation by Electroscope. Learn how it works. Call 1300 60 80 90.

Surge protection installation acts as a vital shield for your technology investments, safeguarding against the unpredictable spikes in electrical voltage that can wreak havoc on sensitive electronic devices. By strategically placing surge protectors, power strips, or whole-house surge suppressors, you create a robust defence system. These devices intercept excessive voltage, redirecting it away from your valuable technology. The result is prolonged equipment lifespan, increased reliability, and significant cost savings by preventing damage or data loss caused by electrical surges. A proactive surge protection strategy not only preserves your technological assets but also ensures uninterrupted productivity and peace of mind in an increasingly interconnected digital landscape.

Main Sources of Power Surges

Power surges, also known as voltage surges, are sudden and brief spikes in electrical voltage within your building’s electrical system. They can occur for a variety of reasons. Some of the primary sources of power surges are as follows.

• Lightning Strikes: Direct lightning strikes or lightning-induced surges can enter your building through power lines, phone lines, or cable TV connections.

• Utility Grid Fluctuations: Problems in the utility grid, such as switching from one power source to another, can also result in voltage irregularities.

• Electrical Faults: Faults within your building’s electrical system or nearby transformers can cause surges, which can affect your power supply.

• Appliance Cycling: Large appliances like air conditioners and refrigerators can create power surges when they turn on and off.

The Dangers of Power Surges

Without any kind of protection, power surges can easily wreak havoc on your electronic devices and equipment pieces.

One of the dangers of power surges is device damage as they can fly delicate circuitry and render services unusable. Equipment pieces and devices that experience power surges may likewise suffer internal damage, which can shorten their lifespan and force you to replace them more frequently. Power surges can even corrupt or erase data stored on computers, external hard drives, and other storage devices, leading to data loss.

Surge Protection is Necessary

At Electroscope, we care about your building’s electrical supply. Therefore, we offer surge protection installation to act as a safeguard against power surges.

Surge protection can often be achieved through surge protectors, surge suppressors, or power strips. Once added, they can divert excess voltage away from the devices, preventing damage. They can also provide peace of mind to you and other building personnel since you can all use your devices, tools, and others without worrying about sudden damage and expenses. And speaking of expenses, surge protection can help save significant costs as it prevents the need to repair or replace expensive electronics. Ultimately, surge protection can protect your important data from corruption or loss.

Picking Your Surge Protection

When choosing the right surge protector for your building, you must consider a variety of elements. For instance, a surge protector with a high joule rating means it has a high capacity to absorb surges. Faster response times for a surge protector are likewise better as it can divert surges more quickly. Your surge protector must boast enough outlets and indicator lights to accommodate your devices and signal about their condition, respectively.

Surge protection is an indispensable part of safeguarding your technology investments, so do not wait until a power surge damages your valuable electronics. Invest in surge protection installation from us at Electroscope to ensure your devices remain safe, functional, and reliable.

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