Primary Benefits of Securing Surge Protection for Your Commercial Property

06 January 2022

One valuable aspect of your commercial property that you should always check and maintain is its electrical system as it is the main source of energy for your equipment pieces, devices, and fittings to run and operate optimally.

The electrical system of your commercial property may be comprised of components that can also be found in your home. Some components that this specific system contains are power lines, service panels, subpanels, wirings, electrical boxes, and switches. One thing that makes the electrical system on your commercial property different from the one found in your home is that the former supplies power to more energy-demanding equipment pieces, devices, and fittings.

Although the electrical system of your property has been installed properly by a professional electrician, it may still generate some problems along the way due to power surges.

Viable Causes of Power Surge

A power surge, which is also known as a transient voltage, is a sudden increase in the voltage that comes into and enters the electrical system of your commercial property. Some occurrences of the power surge may come from inside the property, while others may be attributed to outdoor elements.

There are numerous viable reasons why a power surge may occur. These reasons are as follows:

  • Electrical Overloads– One reason why a power surge occurs is due to electrical overloads. Electrical overloads typically happen whenever too much power is maximised. Some instances where electrical overloads may occur are overusing extension cords, plugging in too many appliances or tools, or using appliances or tools that are above your circuit’s amperage limits.
  • Faulty Wirings– Another reason why a power surge occurs is the existence of faulty wirings. If some of your wirings’ casings have been exposed or damaged, then a power surge may occur. Your property has faulty wirings if your outlets have a burning odour, burn marks, or buzzing sound.
  • Power Outage– A power outage typically occurs whenever the power grid from your electrical provider has failed to supply the necessary electricity to its clients. This specific occurrence can likewise be present during a storm. Once the power is restored, the sudden jump in your current would lead to a power surge, which can damage any unpowered appliances or tools.
  • Lightning Strikes– One more reason why a power surge occurs is lightning strikes. Lightning strikes occur very randomly. But once they hit your electrical system, they will often receive an excessive amount of current, which can generate a massive spike in your electrical components.

Surge Protection is Necessary

To protect your commercial property from a power surge, you must acquire effective surge protection. Surge protection can be attained by installing a surge protector, which is a device that is placed on the electrical panel of your property. This device can take in a high amount of voltage and divert it to the grounding path, preventing your electrical system from gaining damages.

Adequate surge protection does not only protect your electrical system, but it can also avoid damaging your equipment pieces, tools, and other necessary things. It can likewise make sure that your business operations will not be affected significantly during power outages and lightning strikes.

To acquire surge protection for your property, you can call us at Electroscope.

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