Key Benefits of a Commercial Building Energy Audit and How It is Done

08 March 2022

Some commercial buildings house office spaces for various companies, while others cover retail spaces and service-oriented establishments. But no matter what their purposes are, all commercial buildings are expected to draw a lot of energy.

These buildings can only function well if they are equipped with the right devices, equipment pieces, and other similar things. And as these things operate for hours, the amount of power needed to get them operational continuously increases. Without any mediating element, commercial buildings will only consume more energy, which would possibly yield high energy bills.

One process that can save business owners a lot of money is an energy audit. It is carried out to pinpoint the energy usage of a building and subsequently find ways to reduce energy consumption.

Conducting Proper Energy Audit

The process of an energy audit in a commercial building is done in multiple steps.

Initially, the energy auditor will be meeting the owner of the commercial building to discuss everything that is included in an energy audit. This discussion will also set the right date to inspect the building as well as other elements that must be included or excluded from the auditing process.

After the initial meeting, the energy auditor will now have to visit the site to conduct the essential inspection. During the site inspection, the energy auditor will be checking all the systems and equipment of the building through property surveys and diagnostic testing. They may then be accompanied by the building owner so the latter can answer any potential questions. The energy auditor will subsequently check the past energy bills to investigate any pattern of energy use and check other factors.

Ultimately, a report will be given to the building owner to know the energy situation of the building as well as provide recommendations in cutting back energy costs.

Energy Audit Process’s Benefits

There are tons of benefits that the energy audit process can offer to a commercial building owner.

One of the benefits of an energy audit is it can reduce energy costs. Since an energy audit identifies points that make energy consumption higher, a building owner can easily carry out actions that can make their energy expenses lower. So, if the report identifies devices and equipment pieces that use a lot of energy, the building owner has the liberty to replace them with more energy-efficient ones.

Another benefit of an energy audit is it can extend the lifespan of the equipment. The energy audit process does not only check the energy use of buildings, but it can also help in identifying equipment pieces that already possess some issues. Once the audit report comes out, the building owner can then have the affected machines maintained and serviced right away.

Other notable benefits of energy audit include increased building value, reduced carbon footprint, and improved health and safety.

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