Key Advantages of Adding a Commercial Intercom System to Your Business

01 December 2022

Businesses utilise commercial spaces in carrying out their daily operations. Offices, for instance, use these spaces to house workstations, meeting rooms, and breakrooms. Retail stores, alternatively, add shelving, racks, and other display systems to these spaces.

Many more enhancements and alterations can be done to commercial properties. But one aspect of these changes that should always be prioritised by business owners like you is safety. Security must be accounted for by businesses since their operations can be affected once it has been compromised. The safety and privacy of employees and even clients or customers may be likewise comprised without ensuring security.

One primary security system that businesses should invest in is a commercial intercom system. An intercom system is a two-way communication electronic device that can transmit and receive audio/video transmissions within a property. Adding this system to your business can guarantee you the following advantages.

Deters Burglars and Intruders

A commercial intercom system can be a great deterrent for burglars and intruders. Installing this system on your property can dissuade criminals from getting inside as it requires people to buzz in first. And since unauthorised people can be denied from entering your premises, the chances of burglary and other crimes will be reduced significantly. Of course, some sneaky criminals may still find a way of entering your property. Fortunately, this system can log in entries of people entering and leaving your property, making it easier to find out details about their entry.

Tracks Activities of Employees

The addition of a commercial intercom system to your business can also be effective in tracking the activities of your employees. Business operations can only be productive if employees are carrying out their core responsibilities regularly. Through this system, you can check whether your employees always arrive on time or not. This system can also help you monitor the entries and exits of the employees, especially during their breaks or if you are not around. Security concerns among colleagues can also be checked and addressed with this system.

Grant Remote Communication

Many intercom systems can already distinguish new and returning employees from visitors or clients. Hence, installing this system can help you confirm the identity of visitors before allowing them to enter your premises. The video function of this system can help you confirm and screen your visitors even without going outside your room. This system can also grant them access to your premises with an unlock door strike function. Employees can even utilise this system in communicating with one another instantly, minimising costly delays.

Minimise Operational Expenses

One more advantage of adding a commercial intercom system is it can minimise your operational expenses. You can already depend on this system for the safety and security of your premises, reducing the need to hire additional security personnel. With proper installation and configuration of this system, you will not need to hire additional people anymore just to pass on and receive messages around the building. This specific advantage can help minimise your expenses, enhance productivity, and improve property value.

If you need some help with the installation of an intercom system for your business, you can contact us at Electroscope.

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