Industrial Electrician Services: Variable Speed Drive System Performance and Maintenance Check

01 February 2024

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Industrial buildings like factories, warehouses, and others require a huge amount of electricity to power a variety of equipment pieces and machines. To ensure this requirement will be satisfied, they should hire contractors that can deal with the significant electrical components. One of the components they must account for is the variable speed drive or VSD systems.

How Variable Speed Drive Systems Work

VSD systems stand out as key contributors to efficiency, energy savings, and operational precision in industrial buildings. These electronic devices can be sophisticated, as they can regulate the speed and torque of electric motors. Once installed, they can help industrial buildings provide precise control over motor speed, optimise energy consumption, and facilitate the smooth operation of machines.

VSD systems carry out their function by rectifying AC power to DC. They then invert it back to variable-frequency AC power. As microprocessors receive control signals, they adjust the motor speed based on operational needs.

The Components of Performance Checks

To ensure the continuous operations of VSD systems, they must be subjected to performance checks. Performance checks of these systems involve multiple parts. Some of them are as follows.

•  Voltage and Current Measurements: Accurate voltage and current measurements are essential to assess the electrical health of the VSD system. Deviations from expected values can indicate potential issues that require attention.

•  Control System Calibration: Ensuring that the control system is calibrated correctly is crucial for precise speed and torque control. Calibration checks maintain the accuracy of the VSD system in responding to changing load conditions.

•  Temperature Monitoring: Variable speed drive systems generate heat during operation. Monitoring and controlling temperature levels are vital to prevent overheating, which can lead to component failure. Cooling systems may also be inspected to ensure optimal performance.

The Significance of Upkeep and Checks

Regular upkeep and performance checks of VSD systems can help industrial buildings in a lot of things.

First, well-maintained VSD systems enable motors to operate at varying speeds optimally, matching the actual requirements of the equipment. Their flexibility enhances energy efficiency by eliminating the need for motors to run constantly at full speed, reducing energy use and operational costs. VSD systems that are subjected to regular upkeep and performance checks can also maintain precise control over motor speed and torque. As long as they are maintained, they allow for gradual adjustments and ensure that machinery operates within specified parameters.

Regular performance checks and upkeep can likewise help identify any anomalies or issues within the VSD systems. Timely detection of problems allows for preventive maintenance, extending the lifespan of the connected equipment pieces. This proactive approach minimises the risk of unexpected failures and costly downtimes.

We, at Electroscope, offer meticulous performance checks and preventive maintenance to VSD systems under our industrial electrician services, allowing you to commit to operational excellence. By investing in our quality services, you can safeguard your investments, minimise downtimes, and keep your industrial operations intact.

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