Four Reasons Why Your Property Should Switch to Underground Cabling

26 April 2022

Many properties nowadays acquire their needed power for appliances and machines through electricity. And one way to transmit their needed electricity is through utility wires.

Utility wires are often suspended in the air through towers and poles. This specific setup is known as overhead power lines as they carry out electric power transmission and distribution through overhead cables. One great thing about overhead power lines is that they can conveniently acquire insulation through the surrounding air, which can then minimise costs in transmitting large quantities of electric power. These lines, however, are normally prone to danger due to weather and the surroundings.

If you want an alternative to your existing overhead cabling, you may want to consider underground cabling. Here are some reasons why your property should switch to underground cabling.

Improved Appeal

One reason you should switch to underground cabling is that it can improve the appeal of your property. Overhead lines require towers and poles for them to be suspended in the air. With their existence in a community, these towers and poles will only obstruct the beautiful views of the community. Alternatively, opting for underground cabling prevents any visual obstructions on the surroundings. It can likewise preserve the natural beauty and value of your place. Instead of towers and poles, underground cabling allows you to just focus on widening your walkway or improving your landscaping.

Enhanced Safety

Another reason why your property must go for underground cabling is that it can enhance the safety of your property and your neighbours. Underground cables are normally electrically shielded and insulated. These qualities allow them to be safe from fire hazards and power outages. They can even be saved from flood damages, especially if they have been installed properly. And since they are buried underground, they can prevent electrocution, traffic collisions, and electromagnetic radiation from happening.

Eased Installation

Before the installation of towers, poles, and other necessary things for overhead cabling, contractors must undergo many processes before they can proceed with overhead cabling installation. Land acquisition, for instance, must be done first before overhead cables can be installed. This process, unfortunately, can become challenging as some structures may have to be removed, costing a lot of money. Underground cabling, on the other hand, does not require a large price tag for it to be done. After all, it does not require right-of-way acquisition before it can be installed, making it more cost-effective than other options.

Minimised Upkeep

Hiding the utility lines underground does not only enhance safety and improve the appeal of your property, but it can also minimise the upkeep requirements of the utilities. Underground cabling will rarely get affected by strong winds and heavy rain. It will never even be exposed to harsh sunlight and other damaging elements. Without these things, you can expect your underground cables to last and service your property for a very long time. It would only require scheduled assessment from time to time.

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