Commercial Electrical Services: How to Improve Your Commercial Building Security

26 April 2023

If you’re looking to improve your commercial building security, consider hiring a professional commercial electrical services provider. They can help you upgrade your electrical system with security features such as security lighting, CCTV, access control systems, and modern alarm systems. Regular maintenance of your electrical system can also reduce the risk of electrical hazards. Working with a trusted commercial electrical services provider can ensure that your security upgrades are installed correctly and meet industry standards and regulations.

To make sure that your commercial building will be free from potential damage or harm, you must improve its security by implementing the following.

Invest in Monitored Alarms

Monitored alarms are security systems that your commercial building can fully utilise. Once motion is detected in certain areas of your property, these security systems can trigger alarms, alert authorities, and even contact you and other higher-ups through a call or text message. Your alarms may be activated if specific doors have been opened. They can also work if your windows have been damaged or if someone has forcibly entered your property.

Install Security Cameras

Another security solution that your building can maximise is security cameras. Security cameras are security tools that can effectively monitor almost all areas of your building. They can be costly. But once your building is equipped with these things, you can conveniently monitor your workspaces. You can even record everything that happens in your building. So, once intruders get inside your building, your video recordings can be used to track them down. Alternatively, your cameras can be used to monitor the performance of your employees.

Consider Intercom Systems

Intercom systems work by allowing visitors to contact building employees. They can then transmit audio and video signals to substation devices, allowing both parties to communicate. One benefit of considering these security solutions is they allow your employees to verify first whom they are talking to before permitting them to enter the property. Another benefit of these systems is they can keep a log of people entering the property.

Maximise Access Control

Your commercial building security can vastly improve if you will be maximising access control. Access control can be maximised by restricting specific access points, which can be implemented by adding keyless access control systems. These systems let you add and delete employees on their database, allowing and restricting them to and from entering specific rooms and areas of your building. Biometric access control systems can likewise be used, recognising individuals through their facial features or fingerprints.

Carry Out a Threat Analysis

As a building owner, you must ensure that the security of your property will be maintained optimally. To further help you know the kind of security solutions your building can benefit from, you may want to carry out a threat analysis. This assessment can help you look for potential points of entry and potential vulnerabilities in your existing security system. You can then use the gathered data to decide the security systems your building should possess.

If you want some help with the installation and maintenance of your building security systems, you can contact us at Electroscope.

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