4 Common Signs Your Switchboard Needs Immediate Repair

02 December 2021

Commercial and industrial establishments usually operate for a long time. Additionally, they maximise a lot of tools and equipment pieces just to ensure that their daily processes are conducted optimally. Hence, they must be connected to a stable supply of electricity right from the very beginning.

One component that can help supply these buildings with a stable supply of electricity is the switchboard. A switchboard is a device that can direct and distribute electricity throughout a building or facility. It often retrieves the electric supply from various sources and spread it to various regions of a place. A switchboard may feature one or more panels, with each panel containing switches for better control.

Through this device, the distribution of electricity inside your building remains safe and effective. However, if your switchboard manifests the following signs, then it needs immediate repair.

  1. Blinking Lights

One sign that your switchboard needs immediate repair is that your lights keep on flickering and blinking. Your switchboard, as mentioned before, keeps the electric distribution on your property safe and stable. If your lights, however, have started to flicker even though they are still new, then there is something wrong with your switchboard. Your switchboard may have already sustained some damages, preventing it from handling the power demand of your lights and other electrical appliances and tools.

  1. Burning Odour

Another sign that your switchboard needs urgent repairs is the presence of a burning odour. A burning odour around your switchboard can be dangerous as it often signifies deteriorated cables and faulty wiring. It can likewise mean that its components are overloading. Having your switchboard repairedonce it produces a burning odour must be done immediately so that it does not damage other electrical components. Doing this can likewise save your property from fire.

  1. Tripping Circuit Breaker

Most properties today are equipped with circuit breakers for their safety. Circuit breakers are often maximised since they can effectively interrupt current flow once they detect some faults on the electrical systems. If your circuit breaker keeps on tripping, you may want to have your switchboard assessed and repaired. Without repairing the switchboard, your circuit breaker will keep on tripping until the said device becomes damaged completely.

  1. Old Switchboard

One more sign that your switchboard needs to be repaired right away is old age. If your switchboard has been around for decades, then it must be assessed immediately. Technology continues to advance as time passes. And since more appliances and tools are being maximised today, they would require a huge amount of power to make them functional. Repairing or even replacing your switchboard can be great for your property as it allows the said device to handle the power requirements of the appliances and tools.

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